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The City Comes to me

May 1st, Saturday,2010

One day Frightful was jabbing at some insect in the grass below. When Sam sees a flash and the photographers asked if they were eating nuts. Then Sam had refused to take him to his tree. Two other photographers came, and a reporter. Five days passed and then Sam hears: "I know you are there." Sam yells DAD! He runs down the mountain but as Sam ran he had heard the sound of branches, and twigs breaking. Sam was thinking he could run away on his raft and travel the world. Sam starts running away but than he stops because he wanted to see his dad. When Sam got there, there were Photographers and interviewers. Sam walked slowly knowing it was all over but then Sam hears his four year old brother's pleasure song. Sam said that dad had brought the family! Every one of them and then Sam yells MOM! DAD! Sam's mom had hugged Sam until she cried and than John jumped on Sam. Jim threw Sam into the rushes. Mary sat on Sam. Alice put leaves on Sam. Hank pulls Jim off. Joan pulls Sam to his feet, and then Jake bit Sam's ankle. Sam showed them the way to the tree but Sam had noticed the bag on his dad's back. Sam asked why he had his pack and his dad said he had about two days of food supplies so they can get used to living off of the land. That night Sam's mom had made fried chicken and his dad said when I told your mom where you were living she said if Sam not going to live with us than we'll came and move with him. Sam's dad said that's why we are here. So the next day Sam took John, Jim, and Hank to the mountains meadows with Frightful to get enough food for all of his family. But when Sam came back he saw piles of wood that covered a barn and then Sam said asked his dad what on earth was he trying to do. His dad said they were going to have a house and then Sam protested and asked why they couldn’t live in trees and hammocks. Sam’s dad said no. your mom said that she was going to give you a nice home and then Sam was almost at the point of tears. Sam was just about to protest in a loud voice but then Sam’s mom said that's how it is until you are eighteen. And that ended it.

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I Cooperate with the Ending

Friday, April 30, 2010

Sam was thinking that it is Easter. That means Matt will be coming soon. Seven days later Sam meets Matt on route 27 at three thirty. Sam had gets Matt's handkerchief and ties it around Matt's eye's so he did not know where Sam lives. Than when they got their Matt ask where Sam sleeps. Sam points at the deerskin flap Matt says you live in a tree? Sam says yep. Matt goes to the door and walks in. Than Matt looks at every thing. Than as Sam makes dinner Matt tells Sam about the news. Than they ate dinner. Matt said this is the best meal I ever had. Matt and Sam spent the week fishing, hunting, trapping, gathering greens and bulbs. One time Sam and Matt came back from a fishing trip and Bando was sleeping in Sam's bed. So that night Bando and Sam showed Matt the reed whistles and than Matt and Bando were saying that if Sam keeps getting more people coming Sam going to need a guest home. The next day Sam, Matt, and Bando dug a hole and burned in too the tree. Little bit Later Matt said their may be some photographers in these hills. Than Sam said Matt! What did you write? Than Bando pull out an article and it just were comments from many other new papers. Couple days later Matt had return to school and Bando had stay to help burn out the tree for the guesthouse. Than Bando had to leave. Little bit later Bando got a car so he came more often.

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The Spring in the winter and the Biginning of My Story's end

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

20080308110339_spring snow.jpg
In the end of February sap had started to run in the maple trees so Sam went and got some sap and boiled the sap into syrup. Frightful wants to mate but Sam will not let her. One day Sam was working and than frightful sees an another hawk and frightful jumps off Sam’s shoulder and than Sam said frightful you can't leave me now and than Sam whistled and holds out a piece of meat and hoped that she would came back and than frightful came back than a boy says I saw that and Sam turns around and sees a boy about his age and than the boy says you're the wild boy aren't you and Sam says no I'm just a citizen and than the kid says aw gee well anyway I'm Matt spell and I work after school on the Poughkeepsie New Yorker (a newspaper) and I read all the stories on the wild boy who lives in the Catskills and I thought that if I found him I got a good story I might get to be a reporter. Have you ever run across him is their such a boy and Sam said it's all nonsense and than Sam said why didn't you dress warmer for this kind of trip you'll die up here in this damp cold and Matt says I think I am dying and than Matt ask about frightful and than Sam ask Matt how hungry he was and Matt said I am starved so Sam whistled frightful to came and than Sam throws frightful in the air and than she caught a bunny and than Sam cook it and gave it to Matt and than Matt says thank you and ask what’s you name and Sam says Sam, Sam Gridley and than Matt ask if he could borrow Sam coat and I'll mail it back and Sam says I live far away from here and Matt says aw never mind Sam I'll just run to keep warm and than Sam shows the way out and on the road Sam says I seen the wild boy before and than Matt takes out some paper and asks where does he live, what does he wear and Sam says he wears a bearskin coat, has long hair, fishiest for a living, his eyes color are bluish gray and a little brown in them, his hair is darkish, his shoes are just newspaper tied around his feet. Than Matt ask if Sam could think of any food that the wild boy could eat and Sam said fish, roots, berries, nuts, rabbits. Than Sam said I need to get home now but before Sam had left Matt said wait don’t you want me to read the notes back to you so Sam stays and hears Matt what Matt wrought. He has dark brown hair, black eyes, and wears a handsome deerskin suit that he apparently made himself. He is ruddy and in excellent health and is able to build a fire with flint and steel as fast as a man can light a match. His actual dwelling is a secret but his means of support is a beautiful falcon. The falcon flies off the boy's fist, and kills rabbits when the boy needs food. He only takes what he needs. The boy' name is unknown, but he ran away from home and never went back and than Sam begged that Matt would not bring the story in and than Matt says I'll make a deal with you. Let me spend my spring vacation with you and I'll right what you had told me and Sam says I'll meet you any day you say and than Sam and Matt started talking and than Matt said I have to get home I'm getting too cold. That night Sam could hear Bando voice, his Dad voice, Matt voice, and frightful all saying to let Matt come stay are not let Matt stay so Sam just fell asleep.

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I Learn About Birds and People

Tuesday,April 27,2010

When days wear too cold, Frightful would fly around the mountain to warm herself up. Sam was looking at his calendar and it’s all it was two days before Christmas. That means Bando is coming but Sam was thinking that he probe had all ready forgot or he would be too busy. On Christmas Eve Bando has not arrived so Sam started planning a small Christmas with frightful. About four-thirty Christmas Sam had hung small clutters of tea berries and than Sam hears a halloo from far down the mountain. Sam comes out of his tree to go find who was doing that sound. Sam hers it again than Sam starts running because it was Bando. Than Sam hugs him and Bando says never thought I'd make it. I walked all the way from the entrance of the state park than he smiled and slapped his tired legs. Than Bando grab Sam’s arm and tested the meat on Sam. when Sam got their Bando gave Sam some more sugar so Sam could make some more jam and than Bando showed Sam a newspaper clipping. Sam reads the news paper clippings and it says Wild Boy Suspected Living off Deer and Nuts in Wilderness of Catskills. Than Bando told Sam how it got in the papers. Than he shows another newspaper clipping: Old Woman Reports Meeting Wild Boy While Picking Strawberries in Catskills. Than Bando read what the article said. Bando asked for willow whistles Sam goes and gets them. Then they try to play Charismas songs but the whistles were too stiff and Bando was too tried so Sam and Bando want to sleep. The next morning Sam and Bando had acorn pancakes and sassafras tea and than Sam started making dinner as Bando went for a walk. When Bando came back Sam had a gift for Bando. As Sam was going to serve the onion soup Sam heard a voice saying I know you are there, I know you are there, where are you Than Sam comes running yelling out DAD DAD! Than Sam finds his dad and his dad says merry Christmas. Than Sam take his dad back to his tree and on the way back Sam ask how did you find me and his dad said well I ask Mrs. Fielder which mountain. Than at the stream I found your raft and ice fishing holes. Than I look for footsteps. When I thought I was getting warm, I hollered. Sam said am I that easy to find. Sam dad did not answer. When Sam gets to his tree Sam tells his dad about Bando. Than Sam, Bando, and Sam’s dad eat dinner. Than they played Christmas carols on the willow whistles until dark. Than Bando wanted to try a complicated jazz tune but an hour later they wear all too tried so they want to bed. The next morning as every one was asleep Sam want fishing as frightful want hunting. Than Sam wean Sam got back he made breakfast. Bando and Sam's dad just had woke up as Sam was just about done. Bando had to leave because he had to grad some papers. Bando look very sad about the way life he had chosen. Bando said he would save all of the newspaper clippings. Had stay too help fish, and make traps. On New Years Sam's dad said that he must go he told that he only stay Christmas. So Sam's dad leaves and waves good by and that was the last time Sam had saw his dad for a long time.

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I Have a Good Look at Winter and Find Spring in the Snow

Tuesday, April 27,2010

When Christmas was over, Winter Became Serious. So Sam had to stay inside. Sam makes snowshoes so he could go outside. But one time Sam went out side and got lost so he had to stay under a rock ledge. So Sam did not go out side when the air said snow. One night Sam hears something in his tree. Than in the morning Sam looks and he finds a tunnel coming from outside into his tree. Sam just says that it’s was probel just a mouse. That night Sam was right it was just a mouse. One morning Sam was going to go out side but the deerskin door would not move. Sam try’s kicking the door all it did was crack the ice a little. Sam was iced in. little bit later Sam got the door to open. Their was an inch of ice in his way so Sam just ate dinner and want to bed. When Sam had woke up he had overslept because their was no morning sounds so Sam try’s to make a hole in the ice by kicking it, and by hitting it with his axe. Sam had managed to get a hole. Sam looks outside and their is ice was ice every where. Than frightful flies out throw the hole and lands on a stump but slides off because it had ice on it so Sam laughed at frightful. Than Sam hears an explosion. It was followed by splintering. A maple tree just blow up at the edge of the meadow. Now Sam feared for the trees that the ice was making them too heavy. Sam just stayed in and plays a game that he had made with frightful (Sam throws a stick and frightful caches the stick and brings it back). Sam wakes up the next morning and Sam saw sunlight coming through the hole Sam had made. It was melting the ice it toke three days for the ice to melt. Sam had come out to look around and Sam saw broken trees, fallen limbs, lots of dead birds, and starving birds. Around the end of January Sam had become tired and Sam's elbows and knees were stiff. That worries Sam because it was probably from not getting enough vitamins. Frightful had caught a rabbit. Sam cleaned it and ate the liver of the rabbit. The aching in his arms, and knees had stopped after he had ate the rabbit's liver. Sam got some vitamin D when the sun was out. One night Sam was hungry for greens and as he leaded in his bed and thought of ways he could get some greens. Sam thought of poke weeds, and dandelions. Sam just goes to sleep thinking about greens.

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