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Tuesday,April 27,2010

When days wear too cold, Frightful would fly around the mountain to warm herself up. Sam was looking at his calendar and it’s all it was two days before Christmas. That means Bando is coming but Sam was thinking that he probe had all ready forgot or he would be too busy. On Christmas Eve Bando has not arrived so Sam started planning a small Christmas with frightful. About four-thirty Christmas Sam had hung small clutters of tea berries and than Sam hears a halloo from far down the mountain. Sam comes out of his tree to go find who was doing that sound. Sam hers it again than Sam starts running because it was Bando. Than Sam hugs him and Bando says never thought I'd make it. I walked all the way from the entrance of the state park than he smiled and slapped his tired legs. Than Bando grab Sam’s arm and tested the meat on Sam. when Sam got their Bando gave Sam some more sugar so Sam could make some more jam and than Bando showed Sam a newspaper clipping. Sam reads the news paper clippings and it says Wild Boy Suspected Living off Deer and Nuts in Wilderness of Catskills. Than Bando told Sam how it got in the papers. Than he shows another newspaper clipping: Old Woman Reports Meeting Wild Boy While Picking Strawberries in Catskills. Than Bando read what the article said. Bando asked for willow whistles Sam goes and gets them. Then they try to play Charismas songs but the whistles were too stiff and Bando was too tried so Sam and Bando want to sleep. The next morning Sam and Bando had acorn pancakes and sassafras tea and than Sam started making dinner as Bando went for a walk. When Bando came back Sam had a gift for Bando. As Sam was going to serve the onion soup Sam heard a voice saying I know you are there, I know you are there, where are you Than Sam comes running yelling out DAD DAD! Than Sam finds his dad and his dad says merry Christmas. Than Sam take his dad back to his tree and on the way back Sam ask how did you find me and his dad said well I ask Mrs. Fielder which mountain. Than at the stream I found your raft and ice fishing holes. Than I look for footsteps. When I thought I was getting warm, I hollered. Sam said am I that easy to find. Sam dad did not answer. When Sam gets to his tree Sam tells his dad about Bando. Than Sam, Bando, and Sam’s dad eat dinner. Than they played Christmas carols on the willow whistles until dark. Than Bando wanted to try a complicated jazz tune but an hour later they wear all too tried so they want to bed. The next morning as every one was asleep Sam want fishing as frightful want hunting. Than Sam wean Sam got back he made breakfast. Bando and Sam's dad just had woke up as Sam was just about done. Bando had to leave because he had to grad some papers. Bando look very sad about the way life he had chosen. Bando said he would save all of the newspaper clippings. Had stay too help fish, and make traps. On New Years Sam's dad said that he must go he told that he only stay Christmas. So Sam's dad leaves and waves good by and that was the last time Sam had saw his dad for a long time.

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