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I Have a Good Look at Winter and Find Spring in the Snow

Tuesday, April 27,2010

When Christmas was over, Winter Became Serious. So Sam had to stay inside. Sam makes snowshoes so he could go outside. But one time Sam went out side and got lost so he had to stay under a rock ledge. So Sam did not go out side when the air said snow. One night Sam hears something in his tree. Than in the morning Sam looks and he finds a tunnel coming from outside into his tree. Sam just says that it’s was probel just a mouse. That night Sam was right it was just a mouse. One morning Sam was going to go out side but the deerskin door would not move. Sam try’s kicking the door all it did was crack the ice a little. Sam was iced in. little bit later Sam got the door to open. Their was an inch of ice in his way so Sam just ate dinner and want to bed. When Sam had woke up he had overslept because their was no morning sounds so Sam try’s to make a hole in the ice by kicking it, and by hitting it with his axe. Sam had managed to get a hole. Sam looks outside and their is ice was ice every where. Than frightful flies out throw the hole and lands on a stump but slides off because it had ice on it so Sam laughed at frightful. Than Sam hears an explosion. It was followed by splintering. A maple tree just blow up at the edge of the meadow. Now Sam feared for the trees that the ice was making them too heavy. Sam just stayed in and plays a game that he had made with frightful (Sam throws a stick and frightful caches the stick and brings it back). Sam wakes up the next morning and Sam saw sunlight coming through the hole Sam had made. It was melting the ice it toke three days for the ice to melt. Sam had come out to look around and Sam saw broken trees, fallen limbs, lots of dead birds, and starving birds. Around the end of January Sam had become tired and Sam's elbows and knees were stiff. That worries Sam because it was probably from not getting enough vitamins. Frightful had caught a rabbit. Sam cleaned it and ate the liver of the rabbit. The aching in his arms, and knees had stopped after he had ate the rabbit's liver. Sam got some vitamin D when the sun was out. One night Sam was hungry for greens and as he leaded in his bed and thought of ways he could get some greens. Sam thought of poke weeds, and dandelions. Sam just goes to sleep thinking about greens.

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