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The Spring in the winter and the Biginning of My Story's end

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

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In the end of February sap had started to run in the maple trees so Sam went and got some sap and boiled the sap into syrup. Frightful wants to mate but Sam will not let her. One day Sam was working and than frightful sees an another hawk and frightful jumps off Sam’s shoulder and than Sam said frightful you can't leave me now and than Sam whistled and holds out a piece of meat and hoped that she would came back and than frightful came back than a boy says I saw that and Sam turns around and sees a boy about his age and than the boy says you're the wild boy aren't you and Sam says no I'm just a citizen and than the kid says aw gee well anyway I'm Matt spell and I work after school on the Poughkeepsie New Yorker (a newspaper) and I read all the stories on the wild boy who lives in the Catskills and I thought that if I found him I got a good story I might get to be a reporter. Have you ever run across him is their such a boy and Sam said it's all nonsense and than Sam said why didn't you dress warmer for this kind of trip you'll die up here in this damp cold and Matt says I think I am dying and than Matt ask about frightful and than Sam ask Matt how hungry he was and Matt said I am starved so Sam whistled frightful to came and than Sam throws frightful in the air and than she caught a bunny and than Sam cook it and gave it to Matt and than Matt says thank you and ask what’s you name and Sam says Sam, Sam Gridley and than Matt ask if he could borrow Sam coat and I'll mail it back and Sam says I live far away from here and Matt says aw never mind Sam I'll just run to keep warm and than Sam shows the way out and on the road Sam says I seen the wild boy before and than Matt takes out some paper and asks where does he live, what does he wear and Sam says he wears a bearskin coat, has long hair, fishiest for a living, his eyes color are bluish gray and a little brown in them, his hair is darkish, his shoes are just newspaper tied around his feet. Than Matt ask if Sam could think of any food that the wild boy could eat and Sam said fish, roots, berries, nuts, rabbits. Than Sam said I need to get home now but before Sam had left Matt said wait don’t you want me to read the notes back to you so Sam stays and hears Matt what Matt wrought. He has dark brown hair, black eyes, and wears a handsome deerskin suit that he apparently made himself. He is ruddy and in excellent health and is able to build a fire with flint and steel as fast as a man can light a match. His actual dwelling is a secret but his means of support is a beautiful falcon. The falcon flies off the boy's fist, and kills rabbits when the boy needs food. He only takes what he needs. The boy' name is unknown, but he ran away from home and never went back and than Sam begged that Matt would not bring the story in and than Matt says I'll make a deal with you. Let me spend my spring vacation with you and I'll right what you had told me and Sam says I'll meet you any day you say and than Sam and Matt started talking and than Matt said I have to get home I'm getting too cold. That night Sam could hear Bando voice, his Dad voice, Matt voice, and frightful all saying to let Matt come stay are not let Matt stay so Sam just fell asleep.

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