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I Find a real live man

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

One of the things Sam really likes to do in the summer was to have a daily bath. One day Sam went back to his great grandfather’s farm and pick the food that was in the area, than Sam put frightful on a log. Sam sits down. But for some reason frightful growing tense and Sam thought that it was because she could hear something. Than Sam tried to hear what frightful was hearing but Sam could not hear frightful was hearing so Sam put his hands in a cup and put them beside his ear. Then Sam heard the sound and it was the sound of a police siren than Sam became afraid because they maybe after him so Sam runs home. So they can not find Sam but than Sam hears the police leaving so Sam starts walking. Seven days later Sam was coming back frightful and Sam could see a man sleeping right beside his tree so Sam and frightful approached the man. Than Sam thought that the man was an outlaw, than Sam started to talk to the man. Sam says hi, than Sam said if you don’t tell on me I won't tell on you, than Sam told the man about frightful, than the man said am I dreaming. Sam did not answer. Than Sam made dinner for the man and himself. Than Sam and the man just talk, than Sam show the man where he was going to sleep that night. Than they went to sleep. The morning Sam and Bando ate breakfast. Than Sam asks Bando if he was a killer and Bando just laughed and it turns out that Bando is a college English teacher. One day Sam and Bando went blueberry picking and than the next day Bando went out to town and got five pounds of sugar and they use it from making jam with the blueberry (they put the jam in jars made of clay). Bando promised to stay until the raft was done. Bando told Sam how to make willow whistles. Than they play the whistles until the moon came up. Than Bando left and he said he'll come back at Christmas.

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Frightful learns Her ABC's

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sam spans his free time on scraping the fur off the deer so he could get it ready to dipping it in tannic acid which Sam had to get wood from oak trees (and put the wood clippings in water). Sam was walking back from the stream one night and on the way back Sam saw an old stump that had water in it, than Sam said that it was perfect and than Sam takes old stump back to his camp and puts more water and than put some oak clippings, than put his deer hid in the water for five days. Few days later Sam takes out the deer hide. It was as stiff as a wood board so Sam had to chew on it, rub it, jump on it, and twist it until it was soft. Than Sam put it up as a door in his home. Sam wanted another deer so Sam makes a trap and put a ball of hickory salt with turtle fat so it would hold together and goes to see if it as a deer. Sometimes Sam was visit by the baron weasel, but one night Sam saw three dears going for the trap but the baron weasel bit Sam’s ankle and Sam screamed, than the three dear run away. Than Sam chased the baron weasel home. Sam been training with Frightful every day, he would put some food on his arm and whistled. Frightful would take some time to react and fly over to Sam’s arm but one Sam tried to whistled with out food on his arm and frightful came, Sam was very happy that frightful had learned when Sam whistled it meant come. Sam deer trap work so Sam was working on the deer all of June, Sam had use the deer hide making a pair of pants. Sometime in July Sam had finished his pants. Sam leaned how to make pancakes out of acorns.

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How a Door Came to Me

Sam herd a scream and he jumps out of his tree and runs but it just was the baron weasel. Than Sam ask the baron weasel to stay there but the baron weasel jets off to Sam's tree. Sam comes running after the baron weasel, than he grabbles on to Sam pants and pulls and try’s to rip his pants. After that the baron went back to his home. One second later Sam hears a gun shot. Sam look and Sam saw a dead deer and runs over to get the body. Sam brings the deed body back to his tree. Sam cleans up the his camp and puts the deer in a hiding spot so the guy that shot the dear can not find Sam and the deer body. But as Sam was hiding in his tree frightful starts making his cry of hunger so Sam gets frightful to be quiet by stroked her on the stomach. At noon Sam went to get the deer. Sam skinned the deer and gives some to frightful.

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I Learn to Season My Food

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sam woke up to see the fire warden made a fire some time when the night was colder. Sam had fed frightful some more rabbit and than Sam when to his traps and Sam had caught rabbits, squirrels, and one groundhog. Than Sam saw a baron and it look really angry and than it climbed up Sam and grab his hair and pull but Sam did not make a move so the baron climbed down and left Sam hope to see the baron again. Since Sam could not go back to his tree Sam goes to the marsh at the west side of the mountain. On his way to the marsh Sam scared a deer than Sam said that he wanted one so he could use it skin as a door for his tree. The day passed and finally Sam and frightful could go back to the tree. That might Sam was testing a way that he could make salt in thee morning the Sam checks the can and there is a salty substance. Sam just finished his bed today and Sam made a trap so he could catch a deer.

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What I Did About the First Man Who Was After Me

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

hard hat-2.jpg
At the edge of the meadow Sam sensed that something was not right at camp. When Sam went over the hill and he saw a men. The man was wearing a forester uniform. So Sam went the other way because Sam had thought that it was someone their to take him away. So Sam makes a camp and than goes gets a rabbit. Sam takes the meat out and gives some of it to Frightful. After Sam had fed Frightful, Frightful fell asleep. Sam had waited two hours than Frightful woke up. Sam fed Frightful, and then Frightful fell asleep again. When the sun was coming down Sam could see the man bitter and he look like a fire warded, Sam thought that he was sent here because they have been seeing smoke from Sam's fire. So Sam ate dinner from were he was, then Sam went to asleep.

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