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Tuesday, April 19, 2010

Miss. Turner was glad to see Sam. Sam had asked for some books on hawks and falcons, Miss. Turner went to get the books. Sam reads the books all afternoon, and then Sam left. Before Sam left Miss. Turner turn to Sam saying that he need a hair cut than Miss. Turner cut Sam's hair. That night Sam did not get back to his tree. The next morning Sam pick apples from a tree, than Sam went fishing, than after fishing Sam had cook the fish on a flat boulder. After Sam ate he look up so he could find a falcon or hawk about an hour later Sam spotted a hawk and sprinted down the stream but Sam had lost the falcons. Than Sam stop and thought about what he learned the day before. Sam remember that falcons like to nest on cliffs, so that night Sam made camp right by the cliff. The next morning Sam woke up and had breakfast, than Sam when to the cliff and just sat there. Few minutes later the falcons come behind Sam with food so they could feed their babies. Sam goes looking for the falcons and finds them up on top of a different cliff. Sam goes to the cliff and starts calming. Then Sam gets to a felt area and stops to catch his breath. Sam sees some bird droppings and looks up to see three little gray birds. Sam was looking at this one bird that had come up to Sam but the mom bird came back and starts hitting Sam with her wings at speeds between 50, 60 mph so Sam has to grab the biggest hawk and starts calming down. than the mom bird stop hitting Sam when he left the nest so Sam get down and runs than Sam gets to an area, than Sam puts Frightful ( Sam had name the bird Frightful) down in a nest of buttercups cups. Sam goes to sleep and when Sam woke up he saw frightful walking, so Sam put his hands in a cup and picks up frightful and starts talking to frightful. Than Sam washed his cuts and Sam goes went back to the tree.

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I Meet One of My Kind and Have a Terrible Time Getting Away

monday, april 19, 2010

Five days into June Sam house was done. On warm evenings Sam would lie on his stomach and look out the door, listening to the frogs, and night hawks. One day Sam was cutting down a tree, making pieces of wood that were eighteen inches each (so Sam could make a bed too sleep in). Sam would work on his bed ever night after dinner. Because it was summer it was easier to get food so Sam had two more hours, Sam would spend his time on singing, chopping, and playing with a raccoon. From time to time Sam goes to see the raccoons, but one time when Sam went to see the raccoon, the raccoon just look down the mountain and then the raccoon when back wear he live, Sam looks down the mountain but Sam could not see anything. After Sam work on his bed out in the open. Sam had almost jump out of his shoes when he hers an old woman say what are you doing out here all alone. Sam turns around and says oh gosh don't scare me like that. The old lady whispered are you lost and Sam says no ma'am, the old lady says you should not be alone way up this haunted mountain, Sam says Haunted, the old lady tells Sam the story, than she ask Sam if he could help her get some strawberry, Sam helps the old lady. When got their and started picking strawberries the old lady ask where Sam lives, Sam replies saying that he lives in the forest. As Sam was picking strawberries the old lady told Sam about the world news, than the old lady says this is the bust strawberry patch in all of this mountain, and that she has been going to this strawberry patch for forty years to get for her jam. Than the old lady starts to leave, but Sam has to come along because the old lady has Sam's hand in her hand. They just walk to the old ladies house. Then Sam starts to leave and the old lady Asks where you going? Sam says he going to town (just so he could get away) but than the old lady asks where in town and Sam says the library, than smiles at her and leaves.

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The Old,Old Tree

April 12, 2010

vertical white pine.jpg
Sam wanted a house that cannot be seen by people that walk by. So Sam goes searching for a tree and Sam finds one tree that was rotting from the inside. Sam starts digging into the tree with his ax. After a long time Sam had made an area that was big enough that he could sit in the tree. After that Sam sits down to think how he could make the area bigger before winter and with out his axes. But instead Sam went hunting for food because he was very hungry. Then when Sam got back he sat down to think again, then Sam had remembered that the Indians made canoes using fire, So Sam makes a fire and goes get a bucket off water just in case things gets out of hand. Sam when to get a bucket of water, but Sam did not want to leave the fire so he look around, and Sam remembered that pools of water usually grow around mountain, by streams and springs so Sam look around and all Sam could see was huge boulders, so Sam look around and finds two boulders that had water under them. So Sam looks in the in the pool of water and sees fish, and little insects in the water. So Sam goes fishing, then Sam thought about how he was going to bring the water back to his camp he did not have a bucket to bring the water back, So Sam says that dirt is just as good as water.

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I find many useful plants

Monday,April 12,2010

The next day Sam woke up. Sam looks around him to see birds dripping from trees and finding little bugs, singing, flying, and flying over the limbs, Sam says this must be the winter migration, and then Sam laughed because there were so many birds. Sam just watched what the birds are eating, so he could tell what he can eat and what he cannot eat. But instead Sam went fishing because he was hungry. The fish where not biting, so that made Sam hungrier. Sam looks into the water and finds freshwater mussels. Sam cooks the freshwater mussels and eats them. Sam want to see if he could get any food at his great-grandfather's farm so Sam goes and find hickory nuts, an old apple, and three walnuts.

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I find Gribley's farm

March 30th 2010

The next morning Sam went to the library. Sam was going to open the door but it was lock so Sam sat outside and then the Libran open the door. Sam come in then he ask if they had any old maps so the Libran goes and gets the books, Sam looks at the books. Sam says thank you and leaves. Sam goes to the mountain and finds the farm, Sam looks around. The farm was rotting, had plants growing in the house, and trees wear growing inside, so Sam says that he come back when he made a shovel.

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