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I get started on This Venture

March 03 2010

Sam left home with 40 dollars, an ax, and penknife, a ball of cord, and same flint, and steel that Sam bought at a Chinese store in the city. On the first night Sam had some fish but he could not get the fire to light so Sam went to sleep hungry and cold. The next day Sam is on his way to the highway to go home when Sam see a house. Sam runs to the door and knocks. An old man comes out to the door and Sam say what happens in one sentence then Sam ask if he could cook his fish but Sam had fell asleep by the fire run stove. Two hours later Sam wakes up and eats the fish, then the man told Sam if your going to live out in the wild you need to know how to make a fire so the old man tell Sam how to and then Sam practices how to make a fire. Sam thanks the old man and leaves. Then Sam tries to get to the farm but Sam could not find the place. So Sam falls asleep on a school porch.

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I Hole Up in a snowstorm

February 26, 2010

Snow Falling on Mountain.jpg
Sam is happy in his tree house on his mountain. People pass and no one noise. His bed on the right as you enter and it is made out of ash slats and cover with deerskin. On the left there is a small fireplace about knee high and the fireplace is made of clay, and stone and it has a chimney that leads all the smoke out. Sam chipped out thee holes so Sam can bring fresh air in. it’s been snowing a lot lately and he had to stay inside all day yesterday. Sam wrote that he was scared and thought that he never make it out of his tree. He been in his tree for two days as the blizzard was at the worst pointed. After he finally got out Sam laughed at his dark fears. Then Sam looks around and ever thing look smooth, white, and the ice was sparkling. Sam says it so beautiful and peaceful then he laughed out loud. Then he looks for signs from the baron weasel. Then he looks inside his tree home and whistled for Frightful Sam trained falcon then she flew to Sam fist. And they slid down the mountain making big holes in the trench.

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Author's Preface

February 23, 2010

Sam lives with his mom, dad, and his five brothers and sisters. John, Mary, Alice, Hank, Jim, Joan, and Jake. Sam was in elementary school he packed his suitcase and he told his mom that he was going to run away. He envisioned he would live by a waterfall in the woods, catch fish on hooks made from the forks of a tree limb, Sam would walk by the wild flowers and the tree, listen to the birds sing, read weather reports by looking at the clouds by felling the wind, and he would stride down the mountainsides independent and free.

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