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I Pile Up Wood and Go on with Winter

Monday, April 26, 2010

The morning after Sam had the awful thought about the wood, he got up early so he could cut up wood. Sam was glad that there was a snowstorm. The baron weasel loves the snow he was up in the snow every day before Sam and frightful had breakfast. When Sam want to the creek it was frozen so Sam would slide out on it and make a hole in it and ice fish. Sam got an idea from a deer that was digging in the snow so Sam try digging into the snow. Sam had found plants with berries on it. Around four o'clock Sam and frightful want home. Than Sam and frightful ate dinner. Than Sam want to bed.

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Trouble Begins

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sam stood at his doorway on the 23 of November dressed from head to toe in deerskins, than Sam called frightful, than Frightful came, than she started picking at Sam suit. Sam says stop picking at my suit its not food, Than Sam want to the spring to see what he look like, than Sam said I would look quite handsome if I had a haircut so Sam gets out his penknife. Sam does the bust job he could, than before Sam could talk him out self out of it Sam went out to town. Sam knows that the library was closed, but Sam was going to the drugstore. As Sam was in the drugstore he had come to a magazine stand. Sam picks up a comic book and started reading it. Than Sam sees footsteps coming towards him, than the man started tapping his foot, than Sam heard a voice saying well isn't it Daniel Boone, than Sam look at him and the kid ask did you chewed your finger? Sam say I pound a rock their, than the kid just ask Sam what his name was and where Sam lives. After the kid leaves Sam just walk around town, than Sam just comes back to the forest, than Sam says oh no I forgot to get firewood for winter!!!

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I Find Out What to Do with Hunters

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sam starts cleaning up after the Halloween party. Sam says that he will not feed wild animals anymore. So one day in September Sam hears a rifle shot. Sam thought hunting season has begun. So Sam thought that just like all of the animals he would stay holed up for the first day. The next day Sam look at his yard and than decided that it was messy so Sam clean it up and makes it look like a forest floor. On the third day of hunting season some man came by Sam’s area so Sam try’s to go camp over by the north stream but their wear hunters there too so Sam goes back to his tree home and stays there. But when Sam was almost at his camp their was a rifle shot that went right by Sam’s elbow. Frightful took off because of the rifle shot and landed in a tree. Sam had to go up the tree because the hunter was too close to Sam. So once Sam got up in the tree Sam looks around for Frightful. Frightful was no wear in site so Sam thought that she just when home, Than Sam just waited for the hunter to leave but than frightful landed on a tree that was close by the hunter, than Frightful scrammed and the hunter started coming frightful direction, than frightful came flying right over Sam head. Sam wanted to whistle but Sam did not want the hunter to see him. Sam just waited half an hour, than Sam want to the deer that the hunter had shot, than Sam rushed it home. Before the hunting season was over Sam had got two more deer the same way.

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We All Learn About Halloween

Thursday, April 22, 2010

One day Sam was going to see the walnut tree to see if the walnuts wear ripe but when Sam got there their were squirrels all over the tree so Sam let frightful go as Sam want to get so nuts. The squirrels did not like frightful they just ran away when they saw frightful so that gave Sam some time to get some walnuts than, Sam called frightful back and they left. Few days later Sam had to fight for apples. One night the baron weasel came into sight. The baron weasel came looking for food so Sam gave him the remains of his turtle soup, than the baron weasel left, than Sam looks at his calendar. It was the 31! Sam says that’s have a Halloween party. Sam puts out some food, than Sam stay until the moon came up, after the moon went up Sam and Frightful went to bed. The next morning Sam ate, than went hunting for rabbit so he could finish his winter underwear. When Sam came back some of the food he had left out was eaten. Sam ate and when to bed. When Sam woke up their wear two raccoons and a skunk in Sam's tree! Sam hit the skunk and the skunk struck Sam with a smell, than frightful woke up and Sam had to try to calm frightful down but than frightful grab Sam arm. Sam scrammed! Than all the animals move to the edge of Sam camp. Sam thought that he was going to have to show that he was the biggest and the oldest so Sam starts growing, snarling, hissing, and snorting, than the animals started leaving, than Sam ran back to his tree and dove into his bed.

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The Autumn Provides Food and Loneliness

Thursday, Aprill 22, 2010

Sam had seen the baron weasel and he looks angry, and sad. Sam could not get near enough to see what the matter was. But Sam thought that it’s just the baron weasel getting his winter mantle. Sam seeing the baron getting his mantle reminds Sam of his fears. Sam is thinking of going home for winter but Sam says he'll just build a fireplace in his tree. It toke Sam three days for Sam to build the fireplace. The problem was the chimney (the clay was to heavy to hold itself up). So Sam put some dried grass in the clay and it could hold itself up. Than Sam goes to his great grandfather’s farm and starts digging with the shovel that Sam carved from a wood board, and Sam finds some hand made nails, and an old wagon. Later Sam had tossed frightful off his fist and she flow right out of the tree and started to fly like a wild bird. Sam was scared that frightful was going to leave so Sam keep whistling until his mouth was dry, than frightful was gone. Than Sam tried once more whist and than Sam heard a cry and it was frightful and she had caught herself a bird, Than Sam puts out the fire. Than frightful and Sam goes to sleep.

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